About Us

Welcome to Levine Bros.


Levine Bros. Plumbing offers a true commitment to family. From our founders and experienced plumbers to our loyal and dedicated customers, every person is treated like a member of the Levine Bros. family. For our customers, this means that our diligent project managers will continuously follow up to ensure the progress of your home improvement. Our accredited plumbers will always treat your home with respect, from dressing appropriately and acting with professionalism to only using tools and equipment of the highest quality. We will ensure quick turnaround times and responsiveness for you at all times and are committed to providing you with honest and realistic pricing quotes. Most importantly, our dedication to family means that we’ll always be there for our clients, especially when they need us most.

Levine Bros. Plumbing stay up-to-date on the latest industry techniques, and integrates innovative solutions to ensure the long-term sustainability of your home. Levine Bros. Plumbing is a member of CMMTQ (Corporation des Maitres Mecaniciens en Tuyauterie du Quebec) – this means that ALL of our plumbers are licensed and that we promote the development of their skills through consistent training. We are also members of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.,  which means we are dedicated to innovation and ensuring that our methods and techniques are aligned with the industry’s best practices. Levine Bros. Plumbing is also a member of Energir, meaning that we are subject to the strictest quality control, so you can always count on us. Lastly, Levine Bros. Plumbing is a member of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers – we are a part of a worldwide family of plumbing engineering and plumbing design professionals, while also having immediate access to their combined technical knowledge and support. With all of our professional affiliations, as well as our decades of experience, Levine Bros. Plumbing is a name you can trust.



  • Early Beginnings

    Arthur Levine established “A. Levine Plumbing”.

    At the age of just 24, Arthur begins a business that would eventually develop into his family legacy.

  • Two Brothers Team Up

    Jack Levine began working alongside his older brother, Arthur.

    Jack was just 16 at the time, while Arthur was 33 years old.

  • A Family Trade Begins

    Isaac Levine joined the family business. A blacksmith by trade, Isaac had been making metal plating for the wooden tires on cars.

    With his addition to the business, Arthur and Jack became responsible for uninstalling broken plumbing fixtures and bringing it back for Isaac to repair.

  • Levine Bros. Plumbing is Born

    Jack and Arthur became equal partners and the company changes to “Levine Bros. Plumbing”.

    This marks the origin of the business name you have come to know and trust today.

  • Building a Stable Home

    Levine Bros. Plumbing purchased their new home at 4285 De Bullion. The building was once used as a stable for all the horses in the plateau and later as a parking lot, before finally being transformed into the Levine Bros. Plumbing offices and stock room.

  • A Degree Above

    Elliot Levine joined Levine Bros. Plumbing.

    Elliot became a part of the family business after graduating with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from McGill University.

  • It’s a Family Affair

    Neal Levine joined Levine Bros. Plumbing.

    Neal added his expertise to the business upon graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Sir George Williams University (Concordia).

  • Taking Over the City

    Levine Bros. Plumbing acquired City Plumbing. As part of the acquisition, the owner of City Plumbing came to work for Levine Bros. Plumbing, resulting in added expertise and the growth of the business with two additional trucks.

  • A Standard of Quality

    Levine Bros. Plumbing acquired Standard Plumbing. Similar to Levine Bros. Plumbing, Standard Plumbing was owned by two brothers. With its shared values, Standard Plumbing made an ideal acquisition, allowing Levine Bros. Plumbing to increase its customer base.

  • The Company Continues to Grow

    Levine Bros. Plumbing acquired Goodman Plumbing. At the time, Goodman Plumbing was planning a relocation to Toronto. In order to ensure quality service for all of their Montreal clients, Levine Bros. Plumbing acquired Goodman Plumbing so that their customer base continued to be serviced by a team of experts.

  • Commercial Business Begins

    Levine Bros. Plumbing acquired Outremont Plumbing. Originally focusing on residential services, the acquisition of Outremont Plumbing allowed Levine Bros. Plumbing to expand its offerings with commercial service. Johnny Walbert joined the business during the acquisition, and he remains with the business today as one of the current owners. Furthermore, Ben Levine’s mentor, Hubert Kunzmann, played an important role as he had many years of project management experience in the commercial sector. Both the acquisition and mentorship allowed Levine Bros. to increase its client list by +30%.

  • Jacob Bratin joined Levine Bros.

    Jacob graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from McGill University. With an expertise in IT, Jacob ushered the company into the 21st century. Today, as Vice-President and Co-Owner, Jacob takes initiative to stay informed and up to date on all technological advancements in the plumbing industry.

  • Into the 21st Century

    Ben Levine became a part of the family business after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business. Ben worked his way up through the business, starting on a truck and eventually earning a master’s degree in plumbing and heating. Today, Ben Levine is the President of Levine Bros. Plumbing.

  • A New Generation

    John Walbert, Jacob Bratin & Ben Levine officially took over Levine Bros. Plumbing. Still acting as co-owners today, their industry knowledge and history of expertise leads the business to a promising future.

  • More Satisfied Customers

    Levine Bros. Plumbing acquired De Gagne Plumbing. The owners of De Gagne were entering into retirement, but trusted Levine Bros. Plumbing and recognized their ability to provide superior service to their customers. De Gagne’s corporate clients, such as TD Bank, Couche Tard and CIBC, are now satisfied customers of Levine Bros. Plumbing.

  • Caring for the Community

    Levine Bros. Plumbing was awarded The Israel Bonds King David award for excellence in the community. The award is a prestigious accomplishment for the business, highlighting their focus on family and community.

  • A New Home

    Levine Bros. Plumbing is relocated to Lachine. This new, state-of-the-art location was able to accommodate the business’ expanding fleet and provided the space needed to properly service our growing customer-base.

  • Our Expertise Expands

    Levine Bros. Plumbing acquired Plomberie Chauffage Lachine and retained the owner, Elyse Charbonneau. With the added resources, Levine Bros. Plumbing was able to better service the Lachine community and gained a loyal client base in their new neighborhood. At the same time, Levine Bros. hired their first Office Manager in order to better service and support their growing business.